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Amy Schlabitz

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Amy and her family have been members of our congregation for several years, joining when Sam Foskey was serving as Pastor.  She started working part-time as church secretary in February, 2016.  

She graduated from Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona (where she learned to read the Navajo Language) with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and an emphasis in Bilingual/Multi-cultural Education, and later completed her Masters of Education degree in Instructional Technology through American-International University Online.

She also works as a substitute teacher in Harrisburg Schools, which she has done for nearly 10 years.  When she is not at church, you may often see her with a group of children at East or West Side Schools.

Before her children started school in Arizona, she worked part-time at Victory Lutheran Church, in Mesa, Arizona on their Mininstry Admin Team.  Her job involved helping put together church bulletins for up to four weekly worship services, a weekly activities/announcements sheet, monthly newsletters, and member files, as well as restocking children's worship bags each week.


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